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Incredible Years Corpus Christi Parenting Group

 At Corpus Christi we are very happy to have initiated ‘The Incredible Years Parent Support Program’ from September 2013.

We use the structure of the Incredible Years Program. The following are examples of parent feedback from the course:

“It has changed my life and my girl’s life, home life has changed dramatically in just a few weeks.”

“I’m not alone anymore”.

“Group leaders making this course a welcoming one”.

“The ripple effect of the course material has been fantastic. “

“Leaders are supportive, knowledgeable and empathetic.”

“Apprehensions of starting course quickly went.”

“Positive support from other parents. “

“Opened my eyes to ideas that all parents will benefit from.”

“I have found this course very helpful, the things I have learnt have improved my home life and I am enjoying my children again”.

“I am setting clearer boundaries and know that others have the same experiences as me.”

“I look forward to it each week”.

We run the course over a 12 week period on a Thursday morning from 9am -11am. Parents are invited to attend via a letter home, but if you feel it may be supportive to you and your family please talk to Mrs Barrett, Mrs Froud or Mrs O’Sullivan or your child’s class teacher.